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Looking to the past to predict planting in 2019

Any idea why an extra 1 to 1.5 MILLION hectares of wheat were planted around Australia in 1984, ‘96, ‘03 and 2007? (Over 10% more than an average year.) Drought

Vanessa Cook. Oct 18, 2018. Strategy

First Impressions of The Past or Future?

Outside the food on your plate, what is the most common way the public engage Australia’s agricultural industry? It’s agricultural shows and ‘field days’. And how do we portray our

Vanessa Cook. Oct 05, 2018. Agriculture

Live Export must be banned

The live export debacle is besmirching Australia’s reputation as a ‘tier one’ global food producer and must be phased out. Thirty-two years of breaches, bans, blows and lows; live export’s

Vanessa Cook. Sep 26, 2018. Media

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