The Prosaro Scale

Fungal disease is a serious economic issue in agricultural crops. Disease management spray treatments can be used to control outbreaks, but timing application is critical to successful treatment and preventing yield loss. Some growers have enough experience and data to make their own decisions about when to spray, but most are unsure and will consult an agronomist.

The Prosaro Scale

The Brief

To increase market share of ‘Prosaro’, a fungal spray treatment for crops made by Bayer, and in so doing, ensure a switch from traditional product advertising to an innovative solution offering. This specifically related to treating blackleg in Canola.

The Idea

Using real time weather readings and aggregated disease data, an easy to use, free online tool was created; ‘The Prosaro Scale’.

Growers simply went to and entered their postcode. Based on their exact location and their area’s real-time weather conditions, growers were sent a ‘Blackleg risk’ alert, similar to a fire danger sign; the hotter the colour, the greater the risk of disease and the greater the need to put your disease management plan into action.

The Execution

While a very simple and easy to use tool for growers, the technology behind The Prosaro Scale was incredibly detailed and complex. Developed collaboratively with the GRDC and the Bureau of Meteorology, The Prosaro Scale used an observational model, which was turned into a mathematical model, and run in real-time. Importantly the tool was available free to all, regardless of whether growers used Prosaro or a competitor product.

The Prosaro Scale launch was supported with extremely targeted local area advertising in rural and regional Australia, with Blackleg warnings specific to postcode issued to Canola growers in medium and high risk regions on radio, in print and online, immediately demonstrating the worth and effectiveness of the Prosaro Scale.

The Results

Although the 2015 Canola crop had a 9% overall reduction of market size, Prosaro had a 17% increase in sales, becoming Bayer’s 2nd largest crop science brand. The Prosaro Scale significantly improved dialogue between growers, advisors, retailers and Bayer.

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