St. Bernard’s Free Range Pork

St. Bernard’s is Rivalea’s new premium Free Range Pork brand that is sold exclusively by select butchers throughout Victoria.

St. Bernard’s Free Range Pork

The Brief

To develop a brand identity, packaging, social influencer strategy, in-store experience and communications plan that would reflect St Bernard’s target audience and premium positioning.

The Idea

To develop a look and feel that is consistent with the premium positioning of the product.

The Execution

St. Bernard’s Free Range Pork is a premium product. The farmers that care for the animals and the butchers who stock the products are craftspeople in their own right. The brand identity and collateral developed reflects this with a hand-crafted look and feel.

The stunning photography captures the essence of the brand through beautifully shot imagery that pays tribute to the quality of the meat and the skills of the butchers.

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