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Shaping Australia

For over 40 years Kubota has been providing quality farm and construction equipment to the Australian market. It is a highly regarded brand that features a range of machines recognised for their power, performance and durability.

Shaping Australia

The Brief

To develop a comprehensive platform that further builds on Kubota’s reputation for playing a key role in Australian agriculture and construction.

The Idea

At any given time in Australia, there are Kubota tractors and pieces of Kubota construction equipment tirelessly working away, ensuring that the job gets done. In many ways, they are quite literally helping to shape Australia. The idea behind this campaign was to capture this sentiment and to highlight the impact Kubotas have across the country.

The Execution

Spectacular drone footage of Kubota equipment working in all corners of Australia formed the foundation of this campaign and demonstrated the power and versatility of ‘Shaping Australia’ as a brand platform.

These powerful shots capture the role Kubota plays in shaping the landscape and the fortunes of those who spend their days working the land.

This brand platform was designed to work on all levels, including brand, product, dealership and in-store. Its versatility enabled it to generate awareness, engagement, influence and connection at the various touch points where consumers interact with the Kubota brand.

The success of this platform in Australia saw it successfully launched in New Zealand in mid 2019.

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