Riverview Farms

Riverview Farms

The commoditisation of pork and falling prices have created a number of problems for pork producers in recent years. Riverview Farms is a brand developed by Rivalea, in conjunction with Redhanded, that provides a differentiated offering in a category that previously has had very little differentiation.

Riverview Farms

The Brief

When it comes to food, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the provenance of what they eat. The brief for this project was to develop a pork brand that focuses on the region where the pork is grown and the values of the farmers that produce it.

The Idea

The idea developed centered around giving the farm an actual name and making the farmer the hero. The name Riverview Farms was developed with a provenance focused positioning of ‘Better by a country mile’.

The Execution

A comprehensive suite of launch materials was developed including packaging, a website, print, outdoor, online ads and a TVC. The new brand creation has resulted in Riverview Farms being ranged in IGA, Foodworks and Coles with a first to market pre-cooked roast pork in a bag.

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