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Lock it in

Granulock. It’s a name all broadacre farmers know, as it’s one of Incitec Pivot Fertilisers most popular products. After facing supply shortages across some southern markets in 2019, , it was vital that they reassure their customers on the fertiliser’s availability.

Lock it in


The goal was to bring sales back up to the level it was at in 2018. And after running a creative campaign, Granulock sales outperformed this objective by a significant margin.

  • Granulock sales increased 48% compared to 2018
  • That triples what was sold in 2019
  • Sales results improved across every market
  • Overall, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers had 60% more sales this year compared to 2018. Granulock contributed to 39% of this additional sales volume


Our task was to develop a creative campaign and media plan, prompting broadacre farmers to stock up on Granulock for the new growing season in the wake of the previous year’s supply shortage.


Granulock has a strong history of being a consistent performer. So, for a fertiliser that you can count on, go ahead and lock it in.

Playing off the product name, we used gameshow tropes and characteristics to remind customers of Granulock’s benefits in a fun, memorable format. This also allowed us to display technical information without compromising the ad’s cut-through and engagement.

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