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Kubota Website Re-development

Kubota’s consumer facing website is a key part of their marketing mix and the major destination for product information and detail, outside of their dealerships. The website houses every product as well as each product’s user manuals and specifications, details on all dealers along with a general history and background on Kubota Australia.
The previous iteration of the website lacked compatibility with mobile and tablet devices, and made it difficult for Kubota stakeholders to update themselves.

Kubota Website Re-development

The Brief

To re-develop the Kubota website to bring it into line with recent branding updates, to enhance its functionality, to include responsive design templates and to provide an easy-to-use, open source CMS.

The Execution

The website design was largely driven by Kubota’s ‘For Earth for Life’ campaign execution. Products are linked with all relevant range items that may be of interest and, at all stages, the user’s local Kubota dealership is only a click away due to automatic location detection.

The new website is fully responsive, with content automatically resizing and re-arranging itself based on the user’s screen size and viewport, ensuring the browsing experience is just as rich and detailed on a small phone as it is on a large desktop.

Traffic increase
Time on site increase
Social growth in 8 months
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