Kubota Country Spirit

Each year, the AFL has a dedicated Country Round where they acknowledge and celebrate the contribution country players have made and are continuing to make to our great game.

Kubota Country Spirit

The Brief

To develop content to leverage Kubota’s game day sponsorship of the flagship match between Geelong and Essendon.

The Idea

When you look at the various player lists of the 18 AFL clubs, it becomes apparent that there is an over representation of players who grew up in the country. For some reason, kids that grow up in the country equip themselves particularly well when they find themselves in the elite sporting environment of the AFL. The idea behind this campaign was to explore why this is the case.

The Execution

The Country Spirit short documentary series brings to life the important role sporting clubs play in rural areas and the sense of community that they engender. They feature some of the game’s young stars, along with interviews of the people that make country football clubs tick. In addition to the ongoing series, the country round campaign included a launch dinner with key note speakers, around the ground stadium signage and the launch video featured during the half time entertainment.

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