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Great State of Ag

Rural Finance believe in a bright future for these leaders and continue to drive vibrant businesses with over 60 years of financial expertise. 
With the support of Rural Finance, these farmers are shaping the future of Victorian farming… so let’s shares their stories. 

Great State of Ag

The Brief

To celebrate the fact that Victoria is recognised as the food production and export capital of Australia, thriving with successful, innovative and passionate rural leaders.

The Idea

To share the stories of the successful operators who are shaping the future of farming in Victoria. The Great State of Ag

The Execution

A collaboration between Rural Finance, the Victorian Government and a host of industry supporters including DEPI, RASV and Coles, The Great State of Ag was developed to help all Victorians to discover what makes Victorian agriculture successful. It was designed to celebrate the success of those achieving extraordinary results in agriculture, while also uncovering new ideas and opportunities that will help shape the future of Victorian agriculture.

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