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Fertilise that stands its ground

ENTEC®, from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, is an ammonium stabiliser for nitrogen fertiliser. As a key nutrient for plant health, nitrogen is an important part of Australian growers’ fertiliser plans. When coated with ENTEC, nitrogen stays in the soil and is available to crops for much longer.

Fertilise that stands its ground

The Brief

Develop a campaign that owns the nitrogen stabiliser space via ENTEC, targeting the 4,000 sugar cane farms and auxiliary services that influence the industry.

Objectives included building the perception of IPF as authentic and farmer-focused, increasing the sales of ENTEC in Queensland and bolstering IPF’s grower database.

The Idea

Speak to cane growers through a topic they all know and love – rugby league. We paralleled the staying power of ENTEC with unbreakable defence in a league game. This was the perfect match for our audience, with 73% of them avid game viewers. It allowed us to demonstrate the top-line benefits of the product in an engaging way, while avoiding getting into the details of a very technical product.

The Execution

The media reflected the audience’s passion for league, with our hero 30-second TV spot being played through State of Origin and other big match-ups throughout the season. Other executions included radio, print and point of sale. A free rugby league ball was included as a sales incentive for all ENTEC purchases.

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