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Evolutionary Work

The launch of the all-new WEED-IT Quadro saw us head for the hills, well the flat country actually, to shoot a series of stunning ads and long form content.

Evolutionary Work


We were tasked with the job of successfully launching the WEED-IT Quadro, a new trailed optical spot spray unit manufactured by the team at Croplands.


To highlight the various pieces of innovative technology featured in the WEED-IT Quadro and, in doing so, position it as the most state-of-the-art optical spot spray unit on the market.


For many years Croplands has been producing top quality spray units. With a heritage of innovation and market leadership, it was decided that we could leverage this and talk to the evolutionary nature of this new, cutting-edge piece of equipment.


A series of powerful print ads were developed, all of which highlighted different features and benefits of the new WEED-IT Quadro. A television commercial also brought these to life, along with digital and social executions.

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