Evergol Prime Launch

Broadacre farmers face a myriad of issues getting a crop to market. One increasing challenge is Rhizoctonia, an insidious root disease in cereal crops that can reduce yields significantly. 
Not something you would expect to smile at. However, the Redhanded approach is always unexpected, and helped make the launch of this seed treatment for EverGol Prime highly engaging.

Evergol Prime Launch

The Brief

To launch Bayer’s new seed treatment, EverGol Prime.

The Idea

That famers have been fighting balding (in their crops) for years, and now EverGol Prime has the answer.

the execution

A highly engaging campaign that used humour to implore the farmers of Australia to rise up against rhizoctonia.

To help build community and social engagement around the campaign, Redhanded partnered with the Leukaemia Foundation’s ‘World’s Greatest Shave’.

This campaign won awards for Bayer Crop Science in two categories in the 2014 Australian Marketing Institute Marketing Excellence Awards.

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