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Cold Feet

Since 2011 Energy Safe Victoria had been actively warning Australians of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and the importance of getting your gas heaters checked regularly by a trained professional.

Over the past four years Vanessa and Scott Robinson, whose children, Tyler and Chase, lost their lives through carbon monoxide poisoning, have braved our screens as the face of Energy Safe Victoria, urging us to have our heaters checked. After setting such a strong benchmark in 2011 and with the support of the Robinsons, Energy Safe Victoria and Redhanded, it was believed that 2015 was the time to evolve, and a new creative spot was conceived.

Cold Feet

The Brief

By 2015, Energy Safe Victoria wanted to evolve the campaign and reengage Australians as to the importance of this safety message.

The Idea

Sometimes the steps people go to in order to warm up during the cooler months can have dire consequences. ‘Cold Feet’ highlights how quickly and quietly an ordinary day at home can turn into a family’s worst nightmare.

The Execution

Working closely with researchers and focus groups, ‘Cold Feet’ is intentionally more family oriented, but no less impactful in delivering its important message, and urging Victorians with a very clear and strong call-to-action, to have their gas heaters checked by a licensed plumber.

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