Be Super Sure

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Be Super Sure

The Brief

Impending changes to superannuation laws had the potential to impact millions of Australians and, in particular, the level of insurance cover they had. Redhanded was tasked with developing a campaign designed to educate Australians about the changes and motivate them to look into their existing superannuation accounts to determine if they were going to be impacted.

The Idea

For most Australians, changes to the superannuation laws are of very little interest. We needed to develop a campaign that made some noise and grabbed our target audience’s attention. We also needed to get them to act, so making this as easy as possible for them was also a priority.

The campaign created revolved around the idea of Australians being ‘super sure about their super insurance’.

The Execution

The campaign featured a series of visually striking neon signs that were created to generate excitement and raise awareness of the looming deadline. Australians were encouraged to ‘Click. Check. Protect.’ to ensure that they had the level of cover they needed.

A microsite was developed to provide the information Australians needed in order to determine if they needed to act.

Outdoor and social media played important roles in the campaign, as did a national radio campaign.

The Result

The campaign ran in the three weeks leading up to the July 1 deadline. During this time the was a huge spike in visitation to the microsite where Australians could access the information they needed to make informed decisions.

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