Western Leisure Services

A fit new website

To build a website that encourages healthy living and improved wellbeing through sport, recreation and aquatics.

A fit new website


Websites are a like people, they need regular exercise to keep working their best. Redhanded is always up for a challenge and recently helped Western Leisure Services give their various websites makeovers. And the results are there for everyone to see.


With their previous websites proving to be difficult to navigate and lacking visual appeal, Western Leisure Services engaged Redhanded to bring them into line with their new branding, while also making it easier for members to sign-up online.


Significant work was undertaken to understand what the audience needs form the websites. This work informed the design and functionality of what was produced.

Key elements included:

  • A master theme with different branding styling for each facilities
  • A landing page that aggregates all updates from different social media channels
  • Custom built features for today classes slide out panel and the schedule of each group fitness class
  • Simple navigation and general flow between the 3 sites
  • Multisite WordPress installation that allows the client to create and manage a network of multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard
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