Australia's Biggest Story

We introduce the people behind the story - The Weekly Times' journalists.


Australia’s 128,000 farmers feed not only 24 million Australians, but another 36 million people beyond our shores. That’s 60 million people consuming the fresh, quality food produced by Australian farmers every day.

The Weekly Times has been telling this story – Australia’s greatest story – for nearly 150 years.


In the second iteration of the 128K campaign we helped create for The Weekly Times, we turned the lens to the storytellers themselves, the photographers and journalists who tell the story of the 128K. The primary aim was to increase website visitation, and continue to broaden The Weekly Times‘ Victorian readership base into New South Wales and Queensland.


The journalists for The Weekly Times spend their days travelling the country, capturing the stories of the 128,000 Australian farmers who feed the 60 million people around the world. They have a special relationship with the farmers and a unique understanding of the time and energy they put into their work, not to mention the constant trial and tribulations farmers encounter along the way.


We focused on three journalists from The Weekly Times and incorporated them into the story of the 128K.

Fiona Myers, a Southern NSW reporter, based in Albury with more than 25 years’ experience in rural journalism, James Wagstaff The Weekly Times Focus editor, responsible for the paper’s extensive on-farm coverage and Zoe Phillips, one of the best photographers in the country who has been capturing the essence of rural Australia for a decade.

Copywriter: Jonathan Correll

Account Executive: Torey Fitton

Creative Director: Stuart Shepherd

Production Company: PictureCo

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