From strategic insights to clever executions

We’re a responsive, full service agency whose mission is to ensure our clients’ brands remain relevant and thrive. To ensure that happens, we’re resourced with the right people, systems and technology.

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Creative Services

There is no them and us at Redhanded.

As a team, we want our communication to be engaging, memorable and most importantly, effective. Behind every great ad is a great insight that resonates with the consumer, or as we call it, a simple truth.

That’s why so much effort and intellect goes into the briefing process. It is the foundation stone. Everyone involved in the creative process treats it with the respect it deserves. Avoid stereotypes, leave arrogance at the door, be brave and answer the brief with passion and conviction.

When the work is reviewed, it’s not subjective, or a matter of opinion. To judge if a piece of communication successfully answers the brief, we have a number of ‘must haves’. They are engagement, attention, memory, emotion, cognition and activation.

campaign development

  • Graphic design
  • Packaging
  • Point of sale
  • Brochures
  • Exhibitions and conferences


  • Logos
  • Brand identity planning
  • Campaign planning
  • Branding guidelines
  • Style guides

content production

  • Copywriting
  • Remote location shooting
  • Video testimonials
  • Sponsorship and product placement
  • Print and video advertorials
  • Program creation

media production

  • TV and radio commercials
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Photography
  • Campaign production

Our Approach

Our audience is not other Agency creatives.

It’s an audience that can smell a stereotype or cliché even before it’s storyboarded. Show them respect, and respect what they do, and they’ll listen. And that’s what we do better than other Agency creatives – we listen respectfully. To the commercial needs of our clients and the needs of our audience, having been well informed by our Agency insights and strategy.

Which brings us to the Creative sweet spot time and time again. That sweet spot may be emotional, rationale or informative. It may be a small target, but we don’t miss. And we have the commercial outcomes to prove it.


Pioneers in digital communications in the rural and regional category, our digital team deliver solutions across owned, earned and paid digital environments. Our digital team consists of design, development, strategy, social media and technology specialists. We collaborate with the wider creative agency to bring together integrated marketing campaigns for our clients through interactive executions and unique experiences.

ux & design

  • Creative concept & design
  • Userflow / Persona development
  • Campaigns across digital channels
  • Information architecture
  • Usability testing and research

strategy & analytics

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital media analysis
  • Digital project management
  • User research
  • Conversion optimisation


  • Web solutions
  • Native application development
  • Technical consulting
  • Responsive development
  • Content management systems


  • Social media strategy
  • User engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Targeting and measuring
  • Community management

Our Approach

digital process


Redhanded’s digital team prefers to work within the ‘Agile’ project management framework, breaking projects and tasks into short, well-defined iterations in order to deliver requirements and goals efficiently, on brief, on budget and on time. The Agile methodologies iteration approach allows our team to re-assess objectives and requirements frequently throughout the course of a large project - adapting to changes in business realities and priorities when necessary, dealing with any problems and issues in the short term, frequently re-assessing as each iteration ends before the next one begins.

Traditional project management, often referred to as the ‘Waterfall’ approach, called for teams to fully define and scope the entire project (often months or even years worth of work) in advance - an approach fraught with risk given the rapidly evolving nature of web and digital development. Agile project management reduces the noted complexity of large projects by breaking down the full scope of work into smaller, more manageable segments. The framework also keeps client stakeholders involved and updated via scheduled WIP (work in progress) meetings, and allows releases and updates to go live as soon as they are ready - rather than waiting for the entire project to be completed.


User experience is the heart of every digital project at Redhanded. Our UX approach is focused on user-centered design through measured intradisciplinary collaboration. We offer solutions driven by user behaviours and needs, the organisation’s business objectives, coupled with technologies that support these requirements using best practice methodologies.

User experience is a process of collaboration, discovery, strategy, planning, execution, measurement and iteration. We do not create solutions based on opinion, but rather on data driven consumer insights. With each iteration, our team can help identify new opportunities, respond to changes in business goals, user needs, adapt current market trends and changes in technology.

Not one detail is too small at Redhanded. Whether it’s the big idea, typography, hierarchy to a CTA button, our solutions are not only visually appealing but addresses real user needs in a functional manner. We create compelling experience to create brand connections - offering meaning and emotion to your users, not just providing an application or piece of technology.


With the continued growth of smart-phone-based web browsing, the complexity of designing websites has increased - websites in 2015 simply must be able to display content on a wide range of viewports (phone, tablet, desktop; at the very least). Statistics show that, on average, just under 30% of web browsing now takes place on mobile - and this figure is increasing exponentially year on year. At redhanded we encourage all clients to consider a responsive approach to web development in order to provide a great viewing experience across a range of devices.

Our expertise in the responsive build of digital platforms includes optimizing for most mobile resolutions including retina iOS devices, as well as tablets in landscape and portrait modes. We place great emphasis on designing websites with all responsive states in mind – often with a mobile-first approach in mind for those websites that will be more frequently viewed ‘on the go'.

We understand and utilize the most current technologies standards to develop responsive website solutions. In the interest of providing the most seamless user experience possible, it is vital to not only keep up to date with industry standards such as HTML 5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile and Angular, but also to look ahead at emerging platforms and techniques that are currently in development. If you want to know whether you should be opting for responsive design or a standalone mobile site, talk to us and we can provide you with more information and supporting data to help you make an informed decision.


At Redhanded, research and strategy underpins much of what we do. Our unique understanding of regional and rural issues and audiences is driven by research and strategy and from this comes the insightful and effective communications we deliver.

qualitative & quantitative techniques

  • Focus groups
  • Projective techniques
  • Observational research
  • Expert moderation
  • Survey instrument design

research skills

  • Communications
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Customer satisfaction

regional & rural audience

  • Grain growers
  • Dealers / Re-sellers
  • Agronomists / Advisors
  • Enterprises: broadacre, cotton, livestock (beef, sheep dairy), mixed farming, horticulture
  • Government

Agri-Research Areas

  • Herbicides
  • Fertilisers
  • Nutrition
  • Pests
  • Diseases

Rural Pulse

rural pulse

In addition to undertaking research and strategy projects for clients, Redhanded gathers its own primary data on regional and rural attitudes, values and trends. This is the Rural Pulse. Redhanded Strategy designs, implements and disseminates the findings both internally and externally and we use the results to add to our regional and rural knowledge library.

We undertake the Rural Pulse on an annual basis using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data gathering techniques. The themes and issues we address varies, but the three objectives remain constant:

  1. Ensure that Redhanded stays up-to-date with issues and trends in rural and regional Australia;
  2. Use Rural Pulse insights to inform market-aligned communications strategies and relevant, engaging executions for our clients;
  3. Enhance the overall credibility and positioning of Redhanded through press-releases, events and marketing activities arising from Rural Pulse outputs.

Our Approach



Redhanded offers a full qualitative market research service.

Qualitative research is exploratory in style, and uses an unstructured, flexible approach to gathering information. The emphasis is on understanding the reasons underlying respondents' attitudes and behaviour, as opposed to measurement.

Whether it is depth interviews, focus groups, semi-depth telephone interviews or deploying an array of research tools including observational research, diary keeping, laddering, in-group tasks and projective techniques, Redhanded has the skills.

What sets Redhanded qualitative research apart?

  • Experience
  • Rigour
  • We find what others miss
  • Detailed analysis
  • Actionable outcomes


With the growth of DIY quantitative research tools, like Survey Monkey, junior marketing assistants have come to think of themselves as quantitative specialists. But quantitative research is a science and an art that requires significant expertise if sound business decisions are to be based on the outputs.

Redhanded Strategy has an expert understanding of quantitative techniques and issues. Sound quantitative research must take into account the right questions, to the right sample, through the right medium, using the right analysis. We understand sampling techniques, questionnaire design and using tools like SPSS and Q to undertake sophisticated analyses.

We have undertaken large scale tracking studies, quantitative surveys optimised for mobile devices and delivered actionable results in customised formats including dashboards and segment allocator tools.


In addition to undertaking qualitative and quantitative research, Redhanded Strategy provides high-level strategic advice to clients across a range of areas including marketing, communications, brand strategy / architecture, pricing and customer satisfaction among other areas. Redhanded was called upon by the Board of Inquiry for the Hazelwood Mine Fire to provide an expert evaluation of the communications issued by the mine operator and relevant authorities to the affected regional community of Morwell.

Our experience covers a diversity of audiences including research and strategy among growers in broadacre, cotton, beef, sheep, dairy and horticulture. We also regularly engage with advisers / agronomists, resellers / dealers and those in finance, government, Industry Associations and RDCs.


Media Optimiser™ delivers specialist rural and regional media insights, research, strategic planning and buying services in one seamless solution, to achieve our clients nominated objectives.

As the single largest specialist rural and regional media buyer in Australia and pioneers in online advertising in the category, media at Redhanded is not a bolt-on service. This discipline is central to our fully integrated communications offer and provides clients with the confidence and evidence that their media investment will be managed in the most effective manner.

As a strategy focused agency, consumer and media insights are the core of our solution. We adopt a robust method of discovery, as all clients are different so the process of discovery is always unique. Although media measurement is critical, we are not blinded by the numbers. Insight is what drives understanding when delivering engaging media strategies that connect. Media choices define a person as much as anything else - their ute, boots, fertiliser, bank or even the beer they drink.

Understanding the effect of the media environment upon a brand enables us to exploit this. With this insight, we can develop ideas, which strengthen clients' brands and relate better with consumers. The goal is to see beyond the numbers - avoid the blindness they can create, and come to an understanding of what the real issues and opportunities are.

media & channel planning

  • Marketing objectives to media objectives
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Target audience profiling
  • Behavioural & competitor mapping
  • Reach & frequency analysis
  • Optimisation

media research & analysis

  • Competitive analysis
  • Share of voice
  • Cost per reach
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Post analysis
  • Regressive data analysis

media buying

  • Group buying
  • Sponsorship negotiation
  • Integrated buying across platforms
  • Bonus strategies
  • Distress / inventory management
  • Activation

programmatic buying

  • Real-time bidding
  • Ad exchange
  • Advertising network
  • Online advertising
  • Demand-side platform
  • Sell-side platform

Our Approach

media optimiser

At redhanded, we seek to deliver engaging media strategies that not only solve business and marketing issues, but amplify business opportunities.

To achieve results, we always start the planning process by challenging assumptions on target groups. The process begins with an objective look at the current state of play in the competitive environment. It also includes, in some cases, research into the consumer attitudes towards the category and individual destinations. This may include use of Roy Morgan Data, Nielsen Data, and indeed any other syndicated and bespoke research.

This work will go beyond the brief, to establish a platform for understanding the trigger points and bottlenecks in the purchase process.


Media Optimiser was built on a unique specialist platform of culture, processes and systems that guide unique and informed thinking. To optimise each plan, we use sophisticated tools that define appropriate investment targets, target audience profiling, channel selection, media integration, measurement and monitoring.


Redhanded have been an accredited specialist media buyer in the rural and regional market for more then 13 years. We are the single largest media buyer in the category, which allows us to negotiate effectively and strategically with all media.

Given our size, understanding and experience, media partners often deliver media firsts to Redhanded before competitors, resulting in premium positioning, sponsorship opportunities, branded content, editorial support, research insights and much more before other generalist agencies can blink!

Our overarching approach to media strategy is to develop 360 degree strategies without any preconceptions as to whether the strategy will favor traditional, digital, or new media solutions.

Our approach is hard but fair and recognises that media partners are an important part of the collective team, but we create tactics and strategies that allow us to control the team wherever the opportunity arises.

Our approach offers levels of transparency in our agreements that vendors are familiar with in the wider market. We believe this gives them the confidence to deliver the most competitive agreements possible on the basis that we and our clients deliver, what we say we are going to deliver.


No client media brief commences without clearly defined evaluation and measurement metrics.

These include not just marketing objectives, but clearly stated media objectives that can be dynamically reported and analysed before, during and after the campaign, to ensure the expectations of clients and media are carefully monitored and delivered on.

In the planning phase redhanded will use syndicated research tools to gain insight around media choices, affinity and value.

Bespoke Quantitative and Qualitative research is obviously unique for each client, but can be undertaken seamlessly through our Strategic Team headed up by experienced researcher Lachlan Drummond.

Redhanded will provide post campaign reports including TARPS, CPA, CPC, Reach and Frequency, PI’s, UB’s, Footfall, CPM, CTR’s etc, according to metrics available.


Redhanded have spent more than a decade monitoring and mapping changes in rural and regional media consumption habits. One major avolution has been the widespread adoption and engagement in social media.

Leading the charge are Australia’s cotton and dairy farmers who participate on social media daily to lobby, promote, listen and optimise their everyday role as primary producer, rural citizen, rural advocate and all round nice people!

What is consistently evident is that Social media is all about what others are saying about us i.e. ‘earned’ media, not so much what we are saying about ourselves. Redhanded have consistently and strategically created communities for our clients that collaborate and share, to drive the ambitions and values of our brands beyond the traditional ‘paid’ media approach.

Combined with social media monitoring, real-time reporting and analysis, redhanded is quickly establishing a specialist ROI model for social activity in rural and regional Australia.


A programmatic marketing platform is a recent addition to the ad tech landscape. A programmatic marketing platform allows marketers to better organize their data and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns.

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